Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Fall

Any teacher will tell you the fall semester holds the longest stretch of the school year. Kids get breaks but teachers end up doing professional development and from Labor Day to Thanksgiving Break we have no free time off. It's amazing how just coming close to a break can reinvigorate you. As we neared Thanksgiving break, I jumped back into crafternoons after school. It was a great time to de-stress and process the upcoming break.

So how about those big Fall plans? Well, here's how they worked out for me: 

Isn't she cute? I even gave her a little fox tail, complete with a button!

The original image on Pinterest didn't feature arms or legs, but what can I say? I got a little ambitious.
My fancy sweatshirt plans stalled when I couldn't find a pattern I wanted. I ended up using the hemlock tee pattern from Grainline studios. It's free and super simple. In fact, I made several other knit hemlocks. Again, Liberty fabric makes an appearance in the facing in the neck and on the sleeve cuffs. I thought it was a fun, feminine detail. I am still thinking about adding a hood, maybe lined in the same.

I'll post pictures of the finished product in a later post, since I technically made THREE hemlock tees recently...

I've had bad luck finding a good mustard fabric to make my pleated skirt. I am not going to spend too much time and money on a fabric I only kind of like. That's the point of making my own clothes in the first place! Getting exactly what I want, in the perfect fit. I did find a really beautiful plum fabric, so I used that instead. I used the perfect pleats tutorial from one little minute, and it turned out wonderfully! I had a little bit of Liberty of London fabric that I got for cheap since it was a misprint--fun pockets just for me.
Made some yummy, yummy soups, found some fancy boots for the season, and ate apples, even if I didn't pick them. But... I didn't make those homemade graham crackers... or bake as much as I thought I would. I did however cook my first Thanksgiving turkey ever, so I still spent a good amount of time in the kitchen. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner = instant respect for every woman that's ever done that ever. I also attended my first ever Black Friday sale. It was Joann's fabrics... and I was one of like ten people in there at six in the morning including employees. I didn't go anywhere else because, quite frankly, Black Friday scares me and there was no trampling danger at Joann's. 

I hope your Fall was fantastic and filled with lots of family fun!