Friday, June 1, 2012

Working on List Item 2b

Which is, of course, to make my own clothes.

I have some experience in making clothing for myself, but it's certainly not extensive. Mostly it's been limited to skirts that can be made out of elastic waists and rectangle fabric pieces, and most other attempts have not actually been worn in public. This past year I actually attempted a few dresses and wore them to school. The  insides are really awful and full of mistakes, but at least the outside looked normal. No one ever asked me if I had made what I was wearing (which I hope will never happen--it means I've fooled them!) and I did have the pleasure once of telling someone it was handmade when they asked me "where I got" my dress.

I'm hoping to expand my skills beyond the rectangle skirts and elastic. In the first week of summer, I feel like I have already made a ton of progress! The biggest lesson I've learned over the past year of attempting to sew clothing: try out a new pattern first (in muslin) before you cut it out of the pretty fabric. I'm really sad how much ruined yardage it took to figure out that one. So here's my first muslin for my second top ever: the tova!

Photos taken with instagram! Because I am camera-less at the moment. 

Also, I have never sewn cuffs on sleeves before (let alone gathered sleeves) and I am having a tough time. Notice that one is done and I have just let the other one sit for a little bit to catch my breath.

After that second cuff, all that is left is the collar! Then I will dye it and see if my muslin is actually wearable. If not, at least I learned a lot about my own skills and this particular pattern. What I really like about it is that the pattern also gives you the measurement for dress length and I will definitely be making both dress and top!

The Tova pattern is by all around genius Jenny Gordy of Wiksten. The pattern (among others) can be found here, and the blog is here. The pattern and the instructions are really helpful and simple and I'm having a great time putting this together! I'm not sure who or what directed me to Wiksten, but I'm glad I found this top when I did. It's a nice challenge in the midst of the transition from work to summer. 

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