Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Scout Tee

Thanks for all the awesome feedback on my new teacher top, from facebook and blog world alike! I am pretty excited about the pattern and am actually going to cut another one tonight in a less intensely stretchy knit to see how it does. I'd love to share my efforts in that arena so I will get back to you on pattern things, but the (possibly biased) word is that it would be kosher in the copyright world of copyrighted trademarked it's-mine-not-yours things. In other news, I'm enjoying another top today that I made earlier this summer.

I wear this to practically everything. Sorry, world, if you think my wardrobe consists only of teacher tops, tshirts, and this one eyelet lace thing. Well, I'm actually not sorry because it's mostly true.

I have no concept of posing

The pattern for this comes from Grainline Studios, and it's called the Scout Woven Tee. Grainline is Jen Beeman, and besides selling contemporary and adorable patterns, she also gives some great sewing advice and pattern tutorials.

I had also seen a few other lovely ladies create tops from this pattern that was the last convincing step to adding this pattern to my growing collection. Miranda of One Little Minute displayed hers here and Kelly of True Bias also made one here. Both looked fantastic and their fabric choices were wonderfully whimsical. I had tried to make patterns from old tshirts before but those resulting tops had turned out pretty sub-par. The directions and the pattern for the Scout Tee were fantastic, however, and I was pretty excited for how this turned out. 

I love the scalloped edges and the soft peachy color, though this time of year it's starting to match my skintone pretty well...

And just for fun, here's a couple photos of me and my two sisters at a family get-together this weekend. We're a rowdy bunch.

Here's to more cutting, sewing, and creating... in the middle of grading papers in a crazy work week. Happy crafting, all!

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kristen said...

You are adorable!!! I love this top!!! I want to make one!!

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