Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Crafting Heritage

When I was very small, my dad did a lot of woodworking. He had a small shop behind our house that was filled with all kinds of metal contraptions that I was not allowed to touch. Woodworking is not exactly a kid-friendly hobby, but I got some pretty nice presents out of it. For Christmas one year, my dad made my older sister and I our own stools. He eventually made one for baby sister too, but she wasn't born at the time, so the first two match.

When we were little, we would often have to flip them over to see which was which. We sat on them as we read picture books and used them to pile up stuff so we could reach things in high places we weren't supposed to. It's a marker of my childhood, and a reminder that I come from a creative family. My dad does amazing things with wood; my mom makes paper art and can draw beautiful portraits (and let's not forget, she taught me how to sew); both of my grandmothers are artists--one in paint, and the other in porcelain.

I see things like this stool and I am reminded of my "making" lineage. It makes me proud to be a part of such a crafty family and to keep the tradition going! 

As of today, I have officially signed up to participate in my first juried craft show. I am submitting the application (early, you guys) and will hopefully be showing up in early May to try my hand at the craft show circuit. I'm happy to have the support of my family in this endeavor and I'm so looking forward to putting everything together!

I have been making teacup pincushions with lonely teacups I've been finding in goodwill/savers places--repurposing those little cups that are missing their sets (their families, so to speak!) As I was walking through Walmart the other day, I couldn't help but stop at these little fruit bowls. Am I addicted? I am seeing pincushions in everything!

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