Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finally Tova

I made a muslin for a tova top sometime last year, then I clapped my hands together, announced that it was done and got distracted by a million other projects. I think I finally finished the muslin towards the beginning of August, and fellow teachers and students, you all know what the beginning of August is like...

Then I tried to make a tova dress out of flannel but I cut everything too big thinking I was going to do the whole french seam finishing. Then I forgot about the french seam thing and I effectively spent 3 plus hours making myself a floral circus tent to wear. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that.

THEN I legitimately made an all green flannel dress from the tova pattern and actually wore it to school one day! But I had a scarf really wound around me so that no one could see the total wonkiness of the collar. I still haven't fixed that... It's not a difficult fix but it requires picking some stuff out and who is ever a fan of that?

So if at first you don't succeed, learn from your mistakes, find a prettier fabric, and start over. I have finally succeeded. Remember that lumberjack looking fabric I bought with my dinosaur knit (which I'm too scared to cut into and ruin)? Allow me to introduce the lumberjack tova:

 Complete with hipster glasses, this flannel-y knit is an ironic shout out to the 90s...


... and since I made it myself, displays my utter disgust with consumerism!

You too, can be political and alienate old people with a lumberjack tova!

My outfit really should be complete with some of those lace-up combat boots, but alas, my shoes are pretty bland. Lumberjack casual, I like to call this. I've also got a knit dress in the works of an interesting pea green color and thought that I had constructed most of it yesterday until I put it on and was mildly uncomfortable with the elastic band. Mildly uncomfortable, in teaching terms, means you are going to be fidgeting with that weird part of the outfit all day or simply bearing it and trying not to let students notice when you are up at the board doing your teacher thing.

All teacher clothes should feel like the softest pajamas, while still looking super professional. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my goal in life.

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LKBB said...

Beautiful, Lauren! I would buy that in a heartbeat!

You inspire me to actually learn what to do with my sewing machine.


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