Friday, May 30, 2014

The Great Summer To-Do List, Vol. 3!

I started this blog two summers ago with the admission that I am a compulsive list-maker... it helps reduce stress, keeps me on track, and helps me feel productive. I've enjoyed keeping track of my crafting adventures with the blog, and the list format always makes sure I'm staying on target, so for the THIRD year in a row, I have made a to-do list for the summer. Here's all the ways I'm going to enjoy my teacher time off:

1. Read Books
I decided to go a little easier on myself this year... two books are fiction from my standard list of three (trying, as always, not to be too ambitious with my non-school reading). One is non-fiction but I've been on a non-fiction kick right now so it's probably the one I'll start with. The World is Flat is actually a book I picked up at a library basement sale for 50 cents. I have no idea what's contained within, but I definitely judged it by its cover. Looks interesting--I'll let you know.


I love Neil Gaiman and started following him on twitter just as he was promoting this most recent work. I snagged the Audiobook so I've got the wonderful advantage of not only hearing the book while I'm crafting (double duty!) but it's read by the author himself! 

I was wary of J.K. Rowling writing anything non-magical... angry about it even. Two work friends have read the book and said it was really good, and since they're pretty reliable readers, I thought I'd give it a shot. They told me the ending was a "surprising inevitability." Hmmmm....

2. Be Active
I almost changed this section to "sewing projects" but I will be a little more active than just that this summer. I've got two Grainline patterns I've been working on and I hope to produce some wearable clothes from them soon! My first Archer was a little intimidating--and I got my sizing wrong and now I'm pregnant so... I'll figure that out I guess. So the skill level says intermediate, and if I can pull this off, I think I'm there. I've been thinking my sewing skills have been improving well enough to consider myself at this level, but there's no graduation cap and gown or piece of paper I can hold that says "great you're intermediate." 

Grainline Studio | Archer Button Up | 31004
There's a couple things here that I've never done before. Sleeve plackets, a real collar, and buttons. So many buttons.

If you haven't visited GrainlinegoGo now. This blog/lady/pattern store is one of the biggest reasons I got into garment sewing and she's the best. The end.
The Maritime shorts are my newest purchase. I'm sure I can figure out how to make these maternity by fiddling with the band... that's what pinterest is for.

Mr. Kopf bought me a bike! Actually we both bought bikes to kick off the summer. We have some wonderful bike trails in our city and a growing bike community--the Kopfs are excited to join! 

See how pretty it is? Just picture it with a couple baskets on the back... trips to the farmers' market just got even healthier!

3. Follow Tradition

Pick bluberries, visit family, and try some new pinterest recipes. Maybe a lunch with a work friend here or there, when we're both not on vacation. And of course, it's wedding season, so for me it's also maternity dress shopping season. I'm looking forward to seeing how this summer turns out!

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