Monday, August 6, 2012

Camp Days

My husband was working full-time at a 4H camp this summer and had a few weekends where he had to stay overnight. We don't live too far from the camp, but the hours, ending at 10 at night and getting up at 7 the next day, meant that it was just easier if he bunked with the counselors than came home to snuggle with me. On these days, I had nothing to occupy myself than whatever I wanted. I watched a lot of tv I had never seen before, and made a point to watch a couple movies I knew hubs wouldn't be interested in (lots of period films, or movies where I cry a lot).

I spent as long as I wanted in the fabric store. I worked on multiple projects at the same time and left them lying around. I ate pesto pasta three days in a row. I was a bachelorette with a cat in a one-bedroom apartment by myself. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, and I missed him every day--but it was a pretty neat opportunity to have the place all to myself.

I bought this purple-y satin fabric at Hancock's, thinking it is going to line a pencil skirt for me someday. And of course, kitty wanted to jump up on top of it and nap in the photo shoot.

Draw me like one of your French girls!

First successfully machine quilted piece: a wall-hanging/mini quilt in my favorite color combo right now. The teal I had in my stash, the white was purchased for this project, and the beautiful yellow was part of a dollar grab bag at an estate sale. 

I found this fun fabric at Walmart of all places. Tried to make a shirt out of it. Failed. Or rather, made a successful piece of wearable abstract art.

On one of the longer camp stretches, I hitched a ride with my parents--north, to Indiana!--to visit family. My aunt and uncle have a pretty nice setup on the lake.

And my parents are adorable. 

A leftover tomato became part of a spaghetti sauce experiment! I followed this guy's tutorial on how to peel and seed them, but just sort of peeled them my own way, since it was sadly already sliced.

All peeled and seeded! I have never done this before. It was a little more labor intestive than I expected, but fun!

A perfect meal for just me! Meatless homemade spaghetti sauce, penne, and cast-iron skillet foccacia bread. This was also the night I discovered Land Girls on Netflix. A period show where I cried a lot so it's a really good thing hubs was not home.

I learned how to dehydrate unused mushrooms. The internet is a beautiful thing.

And kitty saw a friend outside.

And stared very impolitely.

Now that camp days are over, I'm incredibly excited to have my husband back and free to hang out with me until school starts. But I'm not going to lie, I'm not quite as productive as I was during that time...

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