Friday, August 17, 2012

New Craft Room

My husband and I have finally moved! We have been settled into our new apartment for about a week and we love it, though we have learned some really great lessons about moving in general.

Lesson 1.
We have too much stuff. Seriously--most of America probably has too much stuff, and we definitely don't want ours to clutter up our future house. I'm working on getting some of that out of our home and into goodwill (or on craigslist, who knows!)

Lesson 2.
Having a craft studio is the most amazing idea I ever had. Pictures to follow.

Lesson 3.
NEVER NEVER NEVER!! move during teacher in-service week! This was the worst idea in the world. We really didn't have much choice here--the apartment was available at this time and not before. We figured we might as well move before we started really getting into work. We both teach, so we were both preoccupied all day until about 3:30, and then had to come home, take a couple trips over to the new apartment, and then finally have the big move on Saturday. Sunday was spent trying to get everything we could out of boxes, and we started work on Monday (with the first day of school and kids showing up on Tuesday!) Needless to say, we're exhausted.

Priority, of course, was invested in clothing, school items, computer set-up, tv set-up, and kitchen assemblage. Once those things were all accomplished, I could look into the giant mess that was the guest bedroom. I'm almost done unboxing all my craft things... and I think it's coming along pretty well.

The desk is really special because it used to belong to my great grandmother. The teal file cabinet was a gift from my grandmother on the other side, and I spray painted it to give it some flair. 

Here is my great-grandmother herself, hanging out in my sewing room! During WWII, she developed her own soap company, and in this photo she is at her desk on the phone, looking very professional. My mom will have to remind me what magazine this photo came out of... She hit the soap market at just the right time, since apparently companies like Tide were making dynamite instead of detergent. 

While we were up north, visiting my husband's parents, I had some pretty great thrift store finds. These two tea towels are some of my favorite pieces I walked away with, and they're really specially because they represent the years we were born! Mr. Kopf is a little sad that his has to be the one with the butterflies. I'm a big fan of my hot air balloons, though.

We're not planning on having children for a few more years, but I always thought that something like this would be a sweet little decoration for a nursery. When I saw these two right next to each other, and so white and crisp, I just had to snatch them up... even if it is a little early!

I am finally able to frame the embroidery I worked on this summer during our road trips! This
particular piece, "just be kind", was inspired by my grad school friend Victoria--she has this tattooed on her foot and lives by it with one of the biggest hearts I have had the pleasure to meet.

There is certainly a lot to do. My favorite: "Be nice or go away." Coming to the etsy store soon!

Flannery and I share a love for the big window above the desk. I am finally sewing in a room with some decent light, and kitty gets to people watch all she wants. 

Here's to many crafting adventures to come, in a cozy little corner that is all my own!

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I just love your blog! you are super talented..Maybe runs in family! I will definately keep up!

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