Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Blog Roll

I really only started pinning things a few months ago--maybe a little late to jump on that bandwagon--but before that, I was already obsessing over all kinds of blogs. I'm not sure what got me into it originally. Maybe I had a question on how to make something, and a google search here, a link there... another link to another blog, and another link, and then hours and hours later of looking through every post that one woman had ever written, I was hooked. It's a healthy addiction, I think, and an interesting view into the lives of other women who are like-minded in their need to work with their hands and create something lasting and beautiful in their homes. I so admire these blogs and their creators and aim to make my home as cozy and fun as theirs look!
Because no one likes a post without pictures, here's one of me at Lake Michigan saying "look over there!"

(Disclaimer: I understand that a lot of times, blogs only show us the sunny side of one's life and that not everything is fantastic with everyone. Some of my favorites are these authors who make themselves vulnerable and share their frustrations--and their subsequent victories over those frustrations! These are the ones that are truly an inspiration to read.)

Like this photo of me drinking coffee (taken by the husband). I usually look much more disheveled when I am having my morning cup.

You can find my weekly blogroll in "Further Prescriptions" at the right-hand side of the page. At least once a week, I visit these places, and it is strangely like visiting old friends (that I've never met and who have no idea who I am). I thought I'd like to share them with you so you can find inspiration from their lives as well! I will just point out some of my absolute favorites!

Diary of a Quilter: I'm not a fantastic quilter myself, but I love looking at all the quilty eye candy on Amy Smart's blog. She has original patterns for sale too! I am always amazed at her great sense of color and how well every quilt comes together so perfectly.

Prudent Baby: These ladies just know--clothing, fabric, babies, good advice, tutorials that teach me how to one day be a hot mess mama. You guys, they just know.

Smitten Kitchen: One of the only food blogs I follow, but this lady is the one who made me realize I can make oreos and goldfish in my own kitchen. I've tried more recipes than just those of course, and her beautiful photos and fantastic directions have helped build my confidence in cooking.

ISLY: Melissa Esplin has an amazing sense of style. She's so creative and takes wonderful photos of her beautiful home. I love to see her take thrift store clothing finds and turn them into something new and modern. She also gives me some neat printables every now and then, and if I lived where ever it is in Utah? she lives, I'd want to be her friend.

Design*Sponge: You may already know my obsession with this site from my inhalation of their book this summer. I need to own that beautifully designed tome so that I can have all of their projects in my library. I also really like their reader-submitted before and afters, which happen every Tuesday, I believe, and their city guides! If I ever am about to visit a new city and they have done a guide on it, you know I am all over that business.

One Little Minute: You guys. This is the most adorable woman ever. Her talent just goes in so many directions and I may want to be her. She runs, she sews, she mothers, she cooks, and thank the Lord, she blogs. I'm sure you will get just as sucked into her homemaking triumphs as I have, and her family is really sweet too!

Lullaby Lubbock: A lot of the blogs I follow in general seem to be based out West somewhere (Utah a lot of the time--is it that pioneer spirit I just really admire?) so it's nice to see these two ladies, and best friends, writing about all their adventures in the South. They are the kind of mothers I want to be someday: energetic, fun-loving, and all about their kids (but knowing when to have some pretty rocking adult parties just for themselves...) 

So there you have it! Visit these amazingly talented people and get some inspiration in food, design, and family life! Is there any other way I needed to get you addicted to the internet? Probably not. But at least you get stuck to something wholesome, and hey--you might learn something. I know I did. 

Pictures of crafts next time. Promise.

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