Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dresses for Libby

I often wear my homemade clothes to school, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes I just get a compliment, to which I can proudly respond, "yeah I made it." Sometimes, in the instance of my Miss Honey Dress, I got a lot of questions during the school day "oh my gosh did you make that?" "Cute dress, I bet you made it!" to which I asked my fellow teachers "should I be sad that so many people recognize this as homemade?" to which I answered myself "maybe."

Now I have been there long enough (and taught that sewing class...) that I have a reputation for making my own clothes. It's really nice to have a student ask if I made my skirt and get to respond "No, Loft handled this one," while thinking "Oh my goodness you think I have the patience for this many pleats?! Bless you child!" I sometimes wish I could hand out house points like in Harry Potter when students do things like this, but that might just inspire a lot of sucking up... grades are enough.

Libby is a former student (all grown up and graduated!) and a sewing enthusiast herself. When she asked if I could make her clothes this summer, we both giggled about how fun that would be, but can you believe it--it actually happened! Libby wanted a couple of 60's inspired shift dresses and picked out some pretty 60's inspired fabric to match.

The flower print is a boat neck featuring some cute white piping. The pink shift dress has a three quarter sleeve and a scoop neck. Excellent choices by Libby.

Is she not the cutest thing you ever did see?! She's like a tiny Audrey Hepburn, so I think the dresses are a nice fit to her sense of style. 

We had a couple fittings just to make sure it was all going well--it felt very Project Runway--and had a lot of fun designing the outfits together. In fact, I watched a lot (and I mean a lot) of Project Runway while I was sewing.

I've been looking forward to this blog post but at the same time, I'm so sad it's over! Libby will have to model for me again sometime. My cats really like her, after all.

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