Sunday, July 7, 2013

Scout Tee Sew-a-long at Kollabora

I follow designer Jen from Grainline studios on twitter, and saw her post about a Scout Tee sew-a-long on Kollabora a couple weeks ago. I have blogged about the Scout Tee before, and made a really fun eyelet lace version of it last summer. I think it was the first thing I made that consistently received compliments and "you made that?!" level of astonishment.

Jen's been posting about her knit versions of the Scout lately, and that got me all excited. (This was one of the projects I specifically mentioned I wanted to accomplish in my Great Summer To-Do List (v.2)so I've been dreaming about it for a while) Determined, I drove to my nearest Joann's and found a really soft periwinkle knit that I thought would be perfect... I have a lot of blue in my closet already, but I can't help myself. When you find a color you like, why not wear it a million times over?

Then everything went wrong. My machine decided to take a mental mechanical vacation, I cut things wrong and had to adjust, I messed up my sizing and couldn't recover. Well, really I could recover and I probably will at some later date, but I got emotionally defeated. Sewing, for me, is often a tiny emotional roller coaster. It takes some effort to return to messed up projects, because they have rejected me and I didn't want to wear them anyway so there.

So I started over.

This time, though, I decided to branch out... with black on white polka dots! I couldn't help but sneak in some of the blue scraps, in the form of a frocket (that's front pocket for those that don't teach high school) and the facing on the collar. I love the way it turned out!

I am ready to make a million more of these in pajama soft knits that I can teach comfortably in. I can just see something like this gussied up with a nice pencil skirt (if I made it a little more fitted, of course!)

Frocket love

Isn't Mr. Kopf an excellent photographer? I really like how I lean in every photo so the frocket looks a little lopsided...

Just when you think I'm getting better with my posing...

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