Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bags and Blogs

Whenever I pop on here to write a new post or to show and tell my latest project, I'm always genuinely surprised and humbled by the amount of people who have stopped by to read. I sometimes wonder if it's just my mom checking it every hour or so, but that takes a lot of time out of one's day, and my mom has lots of things to do. I sincerely appreciate every comment, view, facebook like, and retweet. You guys are the best.

I'd like to take the blog further but I'm really not sure how. I'd like to make it look nicer for a better reading experience, take better photos, and really do justice to all the fun I'm having in my craftroom. I could probably figure these things out on my own, but they'd take a lot of time, and I've got myself a full time job teaching. It would be years before I got this to where I wanted it to be, so I looked around online for some help.

Several blog ladies I've been following for years seem to learn a lot through sewing conferences, and many have advocated for the Altitude Design Summit. I figured that was a total pipe dream until a few weeks ago, when they announced an online version of the conference, Alt for Everyone. I'd like to virtually attend, but it costs money and it's money I don't really have to spend right now. Mr. Kopf and I are both teachers, and with him in grad school, we try to be pretty careful.

So what happens when you don't have money? You make it. Or you make things, I guess. I've whipped up some tote bags and put them on my etsy store. Shipping is not included in the prices, but if you're local and send me a quick message, I'll give you a coupon code so your shipping will be free and I can deliver it to you in person. Some bags are paired with key fobs! And of course, there are still some pincushions...

Why yes, that's a chalkboard wall there. It's in my kitchen and it's pretty awesome and super fun. We love how our friends have decorated it!

Here's our vote on Star Wars vs. Star Trek... and someone included Battle Star Galactica. What?

This bag has cats on it... and I think I'm going to make one of my own!

All the money I make from these bags will go straight to my registration for the conference, and the conference experience will go straight into making this blog more fun, more entertaining, and more attractive! Hopefully you can find a bag you like and help me out!

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