Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Homemade Wardrobe: T-Shirt Dress

Let me just tell you about today: it was fabulous.

As I’ve gushed about before, I teach High School full time. This year we rearranged our schedule to include a big chunk of time in between block classes for things like assemblies, awards, athletic signings, and clubs. I thought this might be a good opportunity to get a small group of adorable girls together for some sewing and snacks. I called it “The Sewcial Network.”

I was going to call it “The Sewcial Club” but a student showed me the error of my ways. Thank goodness!

I was expecting maybe 12, 15 kids tops? (And all girls of course.)  What showed up to my classroom today was a tidal wave of human bodies, sharing seats, sitting on the floor, all crammed together and all with their lunches in their laps. I had over 50 people in the tiniest of tiny classrooms, and yes, that included boys!

(Mr. Kopf, as wise as he is, says that these boys are the smart ones—they go to where the girls are)

I’m so excited about my little/big club! I don’t doubt attendance will wane as the year goes on, but today was pretty affirming. I ended the meeting by shouting “WELCOME TO THE CRAFT REVOLUTION!” and we cheered and most of them left.

A few stuck around to talk projects and pinterest, and I had a hilarious discussion with one of my most avid seamstresses. I told her she should make herself a shift dress.

“What’s a shift dress?”

“It’s just a straight dress, like a long tshirt, without any darts or tucks or a waist or anything.” (Ok, sometimes it can have darts... but mine never do.)

“I can do that! I can sew rectangles! It’s like a pillowcase!”

“And a lot of skirts are like pillowcases! And a tote bag is like a pillowcase with a handle!”

At this we all had our minds blown by how easy sewing is when you realize how many projects can just be rectangles.

This is a kind of silly face but I wanted a closeup of the boat neck so that's what you get
I am on my way to a closet full of these dresses. They’re absolutely perfect for work. I can dress them down with a little sweater and some flats, or dress them up with heels and a structured blazer. I feel incredibly comfy while I’m teaching and I don’t have to worry about… not looking professional… when I bend over. Of course, it meets the ultimate wardrobe requirements for work clothes: they must look nice AND feel like pajamas. Check and check.

Model pose = no one ever stands like this
Though it looks more summery right now, Mr. Kopf's assessment is that this dress is very seasonally transitional. He expressed as much to me when he pointed out that I looked like a candy cane. If you invite me to a holiday party I will wear this... with green tights and pointy shoes.

P.S. Participated in my first hashtag-crazy-talk-to-everyone-sewing time on twitter the other day, under the hashtag #sewingsocial. It was so much fun! I found several more seamstresses to follow and blogs to read. If you're interested, join us! It was hosted by Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons blog. As I just popped to her blog to provide the link, I see she's working with striped knit too... maybe I should add sleeves for Autumn.... hmmm

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Reagan said...

'Sew' here I am. Every dress I own spread across my bedroom floor. 6AM alarm set for school. Trying to count rectangles. When I find your shift dress post. Life changing. You are the greatest craft revolutioner of all time.

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