Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting it Together

So here we are... it's finally pieced. I have pieced a quilt. A baby, teeny, tiny, little quilt, but a quilt nonetheless. In my book, this is an achievement! I'm going to wait until I'm actually finished to say it definitively, but I think quilting is a hobby I can definitely get behind. My big problem, of course, is actually finishing it.

So I gave myself a deadline. This weekend. I want to have the whole thing quilted and ready to be bound this weekend... then I can check "finish quilt" off the master To-Do List. 

Some corners seemed too perfect to be true.

Others are a little wonky... but that just adds to the charm, right?

Here it is! Seam allowance is an amazing thing. Those pieces didn't fit on our coffee table when I was first laying them out, and now the table top seems to dwarf the finished quilt top!

Kitty seal of approval.

One warm zig, and one cool zag, perfectly married and all from my scrap box!

I tried to quilt it on the machine first. You can see those stitches at the top right corner of this photo. Even though I had the stitches on the longest setting, the result didn't seem like it was enough for the big personality of this teeny little quilt top. I switched to embroidery thread and I'm not looking back.

The warm zig will get pink stitches to tie in that mustard color that I just couldn't leave out. I am not sure about the other half... blue or green?

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