Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Something That Caught my Eye...

Sitting here quilting, popping on and off social media, and watching a documentary on indie games. Just another night in the Kopf house.

As I'm poking around (guess where? Pinterest...) I see this link: From Knitting Daily, it's the Palma Sweater.

It makes so much sense, doesn't it? The collar lays flat, of course, so it looks less like a kimono and more like a v-neck sweater of coziness. It is a knitted pattern from Essentially Feminine Knits: 25 Must-Have Chic Designs and I don't really knit. I don't actually have any experience knitting whatsoever. I can crochet, but that's about it for yarn works with this girl.

I can't help but stare at this pattern and wonder how this would work in a knit fabric. Maybe as a dress. I feel like having some Project Runway crazy party in my house right now and just seeing what I could invent in an apparel context within a limited amount of time. Wouldn't that be fun? Who wants to do a Project Runway contest with me? Some third party should give us a challenge, we run out to Hancock Fabrics (which has just a slightly shorter selection than Mood fabrics...) and can only shop for whatever ridiculous amount of time they get with a limited budget and boom--you have until 11 in the workroom. And there's models. And we have lots of food for them to eat and I guess they wear the clothes.

This sounds a lot like the recently closed Kids Clothes Week Challenge on Elsie Marley. So maybe I should just have a baby and make baby clothes. Less time, less money, and baby... or maybe I should just pop back onto Pinterest and check out some other ideas :)

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