Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quilting Progress

Well here we go. I don't know what happened, but I have almost completed the quilt top. It definitely has more pieces than any of those strip quilts that I've completed but somehow I was completely mesmerized by these little triangles and I powered through 6 of the 8 strips.

Why did I stop? Oh me oh my, but I am missing fabric for not one or two, but nine triangles that will complete the bottom row. 

So at the moment it is unfinished until I can pop back to Walmart tomorrow afternoon. I was a little sad when I realized it, but still very thrilled at my progress!

And isn't that last row menacing me? Like a weird fringe, or some pointy teeth.

Kitty enjoyed testing it, and was an excellent model for scale on this. After putting everything together it is... slightly smaller than I thought it was. I will advertise this as an infant rolly-mat. Or it will end up as a wall-hanging. 

The Purl Bee had a year of mini quilts that I really loved, and I think that's my spot right now. I'm not ready for a big scale project. I'm not going to make a quilt for my queen sized bed any time soon--but the mini quilt is cute enough and small enough for me to handle while having a full time job. And, as my husband and I have discussed, a project that has a timeline short enough for me to remain interested.... because I have a problem with that. :) 

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Unknown said...

Knetz, love the quilt! You're going to need to teach me your ways when I get a sewing machine one of these days!!

- Kathryn

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