Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quietly Crafting

Where did Miss Honey go for the past few weeks? Well she was teaching of course! I took an unexpected hiatus from most of the internet due to some pressing matters at school and am very, very happy it is all over. Already I feel a strange sense of relief just getting to sit and write something other than "write more" or "good work" on student papers. Lately, we have had a slew of extra-curriculars, and as a class sponsor, I have been up to my ears in various responsibilities for those activities. A lot of organizing, a lot of communicating, a lot of wrangling awesomely enthusiastic students--it's a wonderful job but I'm happy to have a break!

During these last three weeks, as I was aimlessly wandering through pinterest and doing some wishful thinking for the time to do some fun projects, I stumbled upon some beautiful triangle quilts. My sewing board is packed with things I will probably never do (isn't most of pinterest?) but I had already been looking for a kind of scrap-busting project and this just may be it. 

image and triangle quilt tutorial from happy together
Anyway, squares are so over. Triangles are all the rage now.

I started cutting... and cutting and cutting. Having only really finished strip quilts before, this is a new endeavor for me. I have started quilts and gotten frustrated at how long it took to just get everything together. This attempt, time hasn't really been that much of an issue. I cut a few triangles here and a few there, whenever I had some time I grabbed another strip of unused and unwanted fabric and cut away with the rotary. Before I knew it, a week had passed and I had a hefty stack, which I proceeded to keep organized in this seafoam paper organizer.

It was nice to just cut away and not focus on sewing until all the cutting was done. I tend to get ahead of myself on projects like this. All the colors are pieces of fabric that I had in my sewing room, just sitting and waiting for a project. I would like to get rid of a lot of the fabric clutter in my working space because really, what good does my stash ever do me until I want to get rid of it in a project like this?

The whites were three different fabrics I pulled from Wal-Mart. Easy, cheap, and they have a little pattern to them as well! I like that the patterns are subtle enough to read "white" from a distance and not "print," but it's a nice little surprise when you get up close.


...polka dots...

... and triangles, oh my!

So here is the triangle collection I ended up with: a whole gang of mismatched misfits, but I think they work!

At first I laid them out with the white triangles in between the others. It was cute, but not quite what I was looking for. 

So I opted for the zig-zag approach instead! And I couldn't help but separate my colors. At the end of the project, I will have a baby-sized quilt with one warm zig and one cold zag.

I'm pretty pumped about it. Sewing started yesterday and continues on today! And hopefully bit by bit throughout the week until I can consider these scraps busted

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