Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have returned to the blogging world of the interweb with news and updates for all!

It's been a bit of a long break (11 days--really?) and I took it (albeit a little grudgingly) to focus on school. Teaching is more than a full time job, and this is the time of year when there's many grades to be entered, emails to be sent, and assessments to make. I've had my hands full with student presentations, starting new units, and wrapping up old ones. It's an incredibly fulfilling job and I've been happy to see so many "light bulb moments" just in the last week! I have a simply amazing group of students and I am constantly aware of the unique position I am in--from my post at the front of the classroom, I see kids growing up daily, asking great questions, and sure, occasionally falling asleep--but I know how lucky I am to be there. 

When I'm not grading papers, I sit at home, quietly crafting, and finding solace in my fortress of solitude. Here's a peek at what I've been working on, and what's coming up.

I made a set of embroidery patterns for the etsy store, and here I am, stitching away at finishing my samples so you can see how they all turn out.

There will be a little more than just these three, but why not start with some words to live by? No matter your background, these three terms--together or taken separately--bolster the spirit.

Almost done.

I'm pretty happy with my color pallet here. 

In addition to these, I actually (almost) finished a Tova! I got a 60% teacher appreciation coupon from Joann's and made the trek to my not-so-local store. When I got there, Starbucks in hand, I headed straight for the flannel. Ok, maybe I wandered through the quilting section on my way to the flannel, but I knew what I wanted before I got there, which is an improvement! I decided to go for a nice olive colored solid. I did see the dinosaur flannel, but I decided a dinosaur knit is really what I'm after for my Michele Pfiefer dinosaur tshirt dreams

I say almost finished because even though I wore it today, my collar is still not perfect. I was pretty determined to wear it to school anyway so I threw on a scarf and attempted to make the pairing seem intentional. I wanted to rip that scarf off all day so I could so off the cute yoke and the placket and the gathers, but alas! The collar. I couldn't make myself do it.

Once that's fixed, get ready for the fashion show. I hope to have it all adjusted soon. After all, after tomorrow at 3:10 I'm on Thanksgiving break!

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