Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cross Stitch

I had a childhood aversion to cross stitching... In my mind it always seemed a little old-fashioned and maternal. I'm not quite maternal just yet, but I am a little surprised at myself in not expecting this craft, like all others, to have been re-envisioned by the younger crafting generation. We have a craft revolution happening right now, people! How could I not see that all aspects of needle craft had been made hip and new? 

Enter Pinterest to show me the error of my ways.

Pinterest showed me how to organize my embroidery floss on clothes pins. Changed my life.

Have you guys seen this Downton Abbey alphabet sampler? Isn't it amazing? I like that some letters are replaced with items--specifically the zombie Pamuk and yellow lab. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting this for summer stitching, when I will go through all the old episodes of Downton in the withdrawals that will inevitably come.

(And while we're on the subject of Downton, no spoilers, but just know it has made me very sad.)

This cross stitch diy peg board will be my first diy project whenever Mr. Kopf and I finally get a house with a place to hang things. 


I guess I'm a fan of this giant cross stitch trend. Check out this etsy shop! She does amazing work.

Giant "Make it Rain" Cross-Stitch

My favorite trend, however, might be what I have been calling "counter-culture cross stitch." It's this whole business of traditional looking cross stitch that spells out your favorite curse word. The juxtaposition of the crass term and the traditional needlecraft is so startling and funny. Poke around on etsy--it's everywhere!

Of course, counter-culture cross stitch is not necessarily family friendly... YET.

I am playing around with this pattern I made for myself. It will eventually spell out "cuss words." Yes, you too can participate in this hip embroidery movement, without offending your grandmother or confusing your children!

Also just discovered this amazing talent:
HP BEE500-800.jpg
I think I pinned nearly everything. My favorite are the bees.

My grandparents got me Anna Maria Horner's Needleworks Notebook for Christmas, and I've spent every Sunday evening working on a few projects here and there to expand my needleworks knowledge. (While watching Downton... and becoming very sad.) When I requested this book I thought I'd be heading to crewel, but something about these grids and the little x's called my name in a most non-maternal way...

This is my first completed project. It is one of four tiles that I hope to frame out at some point and decorate a wall with. I started with my favorite, which is called "Spiritual Center."

So I guess you can see I'm on quite the cross stitch kick. It's so accessible and it feels so productive working with these little blocks of color... and like all my embroidery projects, perfect for long car rides, of which I am about to take several! Come on Springtime--I'm ready for you!

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