Friday, March 1, 2013

Small Things

Small progress on crafts, small news and simple things happening here.

Update #1: Kitty's favorite way to spend a Saturday is laying like this while hubs watches television.

#2: We went through all three Lord of the Rings and all the commentary and all the behind the scenes footage. It took several weeks after school and weekends and I found myself relating everything I taught to Tolkien. It was pretty intense.

#3: I embroidered a friends' wedding date into the underside of her dress! We are super excited for the big day! I'm also working on a tutu for the flower girl... and THAT is going to be adorable!

#4: I turn into a secret vegetarian when Mr. Kopf is not home, but don't tell him that. Mr. Kopf goes to class and I make a meal just for me! Pasta, olive oil, feta, basil, salt and pepper. Mmmmmmmm.... (and I put it in pretty pyrex, which makes it taste even better.)

#5: Caught kitty rolling around in a sun beam on a happy Sunday morning.

#6: I'm getting to be pretty good at partying on school nights. Should I be proud of this or ashamed? Birthday party with friends! (To all students who may or may not be reading--my definition of partying is probably not your definition of partying. It means paying for someone else to make my food. The end.)

#7: And in other news, I have achieved what many teachers only dream of: I'm all caught up on grades and lesson plans. Yes. It's true. And I can hardly believe it. I am going to craft so hard this weekend!!!

I hope you've had a happy February! This seems to be the longest month of teaching in the second semester. It's all going to fly by from here!

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