Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Great Spring Break To-Do List

In the spirit of my original "Great Summer To-Do List", I wanted to create a smaller version of the crafty list for Spring Break. I love all the breaks that get included with teaching (let's not forget summer, people) and this one is going to be sorely needed. I've been really proud of the Seniors that I teach--they've been doing a fantastic job of staying on task and remaining optimistic about the things we've been talking about in class. I only have a couple that have "mentally graduated" already, but it's a small percentage and I love that even they are taking it all with a grain of salt. I've had early-onset separation anxiety for a while now already.

After Spring Break, who knows? Kids will realize that the end of the last quarter is just around the corner, and we will not be able to deceive them anymore! Summer is coming! Freedom! Pool time! Tans! (ok, there's already some spray tans, but those don't count.) It will be nice to enter into that last quarter rejuvenated  and maybe even, in a new dress?


At the tip top of my list is Rae's Washi Dress! I got the pattern from my grandparents at Christmas, but didn't want it to turn into one of those projects I started and had to put away for a long time. I want to be able to work on this three days straight until I get it all figured out! (Btw, she's pretty cool. You should read the whole blog.)

From the Purl Bee, of course. I have finally entered that time of life when I know pregnant people. It's time to start learning how to make adorably small things for adorably small people. I thought I'd start with these simple felt baby shoes! Felt, embroidery floss, and elastic... and I have all those things already!

I have followed Amy Smart's blog, Diary of a Quilter, for about two years now, and I'm always amazed at her projects. When she started up this virtual quilting bee, I thought it might fun to jump into. I will learn how to create an 8 in. block per month for 8 months, and then I'll have a quilt! I've already made one, you know... why not another, with a wide time window?

Three craft projects, and I think I can handle all of them. On the rest of the list I am going to have to 1.) grade papers (wah wah), 2.) build a fort, 3.) go climb some rocks, 4.) consume all television possible, 5.) bake cookies or something, 6.) hang out with good friends, 7.) eat some cake or something, 8.) buy a swim suit?, 9.) read a book, 10.) sleep a lot.

I feel pretty good about that. 

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