Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break Success Part 1

The most fantastic Spring Break is underway: the one break in the school year where I go absolutely no where and it is beautiful. First up: thrifting and spring cleaning. I've already pulled most of my winter clothes from the closet rotation, organized a stack of shoes into neat and tidy cubbies, and cleaned out some drawers. With all of this momentum, I felt like it was finally time... for the craft closet.

Spring Cleaning

One of my proudest purchases/achievements has to be this metal five-tiered shelf. My craft closet is also holiday/clothing/nostalgia storage so finding anything in it has been a hassle lately. I bought this shelf in an effort to get some things together and to separate the craft from the storage.

I put it together all by myself. I nearly hit myself in the face with those metal poles a few times, but overall, a successful build!

While everything is on the appropriate shelf, it's not exactly perfectly organized quite yet. At least it's off the floor. 

On other other side of the closet sits my sad little book collection. We've whittled it down over the past few year until we've hit the essentials for our library. While I'm glad that has been accomplished, we still have a lot (more than is pictured here) and no bookshelves in which to set them. This lack of organization is a shame, but evidence that even with a whole free week, you can't do everything, and I certainly never planned to attempt it! 

I did, however, get around to rearranging the craft room. I think it makes more sense with the sewing desk against the wall, rather than against the window. I feel like it takes me quite a while of living in a space before I really figure out how to use it. Or maybe I just enjoy rearranging furniture.

Now I can stick stuff onto the wall within easy reach, rather than having to lean over or jump out of my seat to get to it. 

In case you were wondering, Kitty approves.


There is an antique mall close to my house, and I believe that over the past few years, it has either become increasingly fancy, or I am getting better at finding fancy things. My model Lucy here is wearing an unfinished silky tank top and... what's that? a vintage coach purse?

Yes! A score at twenty bucks! Pretty good condition and the real deal. A little worn, but that just means it was well loved--and still sturdy after all these years.I was super pumped to see it! 

It was all by chance that I saw it in the first place. I was interested in the price of a fancy rug, and while I was waiting on the vendor to call back, poked around the glass cases I never look in, and boom. Black leather brass accent beautiful purse of my dreams.

(The rug turned out to be about $400 too fancy for me)

I also got some cute vintage trim from the same antique mall, and  found a nice yard of outdoor fabric in the remnant section at HobLob. It was a pretty good day of bargains for me. In fact, I texted my sister to tell her about my vintage finds and she responded: "Bargain shopping! You're doing it right!" She's an encourager.


After all of that exhausting work, I sat down with my scissors and my washi pattern, and got to it. Step one was taping the printed pattern together. I looked around and couldn't find my transparent tape, but perhaps it was serendipitous that all that was available to me... was washi tape.

Once I put it all together, I trace the appropriate parts, and cut. I'm happy to have that step taken care of this evening, so that in the morning, after a friendly brunch, I can get started on cutting out my fabric pieces.

Stay tuned for further adventures in productivity! (Disclaimer: I'm also grading papers through this whole thing, so it's not all sunshine and rainbows, but pretty close, you guys.)

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